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Our daycare and training center is perfect for new and experienced dog owners alike. Pooches and Palomas features a local dog daycare where dogs can socialize, play and reinforce their training. You'll also be able to attend dog training sessions with your pet to make sure that you know all the tips and tricks.

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Training your dog isn't just about teaching them when to sit and when to fetch. It's about building a stronger relationship with your pet so that the two of you can live happily together. Your local dog trainer can help you establish a strong connection with your dog.

Our dog daycare center has it all. You can visit us in Rochester, MN for:

  • Popular cocktail drinks
  • Dog training services with a local dog trainer
  • Pet adoptions and rescue
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What makes Pooches and Palomas right for you and your dog?

The owner and founder of Pooches and Palomas, Dani, is a licensed trainer who has been around dogs her entire life. Currently, she's focused on opening a local dog rescue called "Because of Bonzai," named for the dog she rescued. So far, Dani has found homes for four adopted dogs and hopes to keep it up.